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Ascension Financial Services is an online accounting and tax services firm based in Minneapolis-Saint Paul. We help businesses and households reach their financial goals by providing payroll, accounting, tax preparation, fractional CFO, tax problem-solving and business consulting services.

Controller or CFO for Business

Tax Compliance for Businesses

At Ascension Financial Services, we look at your entire financial fingerprint. We believe in making personal and business finances simple, hassle-free and beneficial.

In life and business, the person with fewest blind spots wins. If you’re a business owner, you’re in business to have more control over your life and time. You’re not in business to supply a flood of paperwork to the government. 

Our goal is to help small businesses and families win by avoiding financial problems to achieve financial brilliance.

We view every client relationship like a partnership, and truly believe that our success is a result of your success. 

We’ve helped our clients save on self-employment taxes, start a successful company, shave thousands off tax debt, and make solid business decisions. Service needs are either compliance or tailored to your unique circumstances.

Business Consulting & Strategy

Tax Resolution & Controversy

What We Do Best

Practice Areas

Individuals & Families

Benefit from a tax-focused approach to wealth management


We offer CFO solutions to mid-sized to larger firms

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

People come to us for our expertise but what we do is all about getting you to where you want to be.

Accounting Software Professionals

We rescue you helicopter style (Not literally, we're accountants!) by doing a "review" of your QuickBooks and business workflow to get you from point A to B. So you can finally bring home the bacon, kale or whatever you want (ahem money).

Tax Preparation

Whether you need help in small ways or big ways, we have options to fulfill what is important to you. Filing a tax return late, owing the IRS, or filing an amended tax return are some of the services people have invited us to do. We invite you into our firm as people first.

IRS Tax Help & More

We have the privilege of serving as an intermediary between the tax agencies in all 50 states. We respond to CP2000, IRS notice of deficiencies, tax liens and tax audits. Our tax problem solvers are here to help.

Open Year-Round

Unlike other places - we don't close at the end of tax season. We are your family's money doctor. Dealing with finances shouldn't end at filing a tax return or creating a spending plan. That's why we're open year-round.

Tax Expert Advice

We provide you with bespoke, hands-on business consulting so you don't spend endless time scanning the Internet for an answer. Our practitioners are required to invest in continuing education in order to maintain their licenses. This means is the fees you pay are invested in quality training to better serve you.

Always Near You

As a cloud-based firm, privacy and security is of upmost importance. Virtual services with bank level security and encryption allows secured access to your private financial data in a streamlined way and almost instant contact capabilities.

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S-corporations & C-corporations

Limited Liability Companies


Freelancers & Gig Workers

Real Estate Professionals

Investors & Brokers

Medical Professionals


Legal Professionals


Internet Marketers

Writers & Influencers

U.S Expats

Coaches & Consultants

Life, Motivation & Business

we have no limits

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You can’t change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction



We help people better understand the numbers without getting bogged down with complexity and jargon.



We work with you to shift mindset, your time and focus on what you value. We care about what you care about.



People are always quick to DO something. We slow it down so you can see what actually matters most.

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