Tax Preparation & Planning Fees

Tax Services Fees

We are a holistic tax planning firm not solely tax preparation. Keep in mind that we charge premium rates than most preparation firms for preparing only a U.S. Federal Income Tax Return. 



College students and Elderly




Form 1040 Tax Return




Entrepreneurs & Investors



Additional Services You May Need

  1. If we do your books, we will do your taxes, too (includes personal tax return)
  2. Includes Quarterly Business Consulting meetings ($330 Value)
  1. Initial Consultation (fee for preparing a tax return)
  2. Reduced rate for filing multiple tax returns (-20%)
  1. Examine 3 years of tax returns and personal finances.
  2. Analyze materials and document tax saving strategies based on needs and aspirations
  3. Comprehensive tax planning proposal for fee
  4. Present fees for implementation of tax plan
  5. Execute or refer outside firm for services if necessary
Access to CFO Services
  1. Management accounting
  2. Advisory Committee
  3. Forensic Accounting

Additional Forms You May Need

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