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Serving Individuals & families: Reaching Our Goals Together

Individuals & families

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Individuals & Families

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As America’s Millennial Tax Expert, growing up with the Internet helped a lot. I have a keen awareness how technology is affecting the corporate accounting and tax industry globally.

These changes are now reaching the small business tax and accounting services industry. In particular, the certified public accountant & enrolled agent communities are an aging community.

Practitioners aren’t only retiring. The are also out of touch with a lot of changes. Data security measures, the tax reform of 2017 and the push for do-it-anywhere services are just a few pressures pushing out brick-and-mortar tax and accounting firms.

Taxpayers like you want more than tax preparation. They want a trusted-advisor to help them navigate the waters as they steer their economic ship. 

I started my own financial services firm as a result of these changes. I see a need for hand-on information for individuals, families, aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs in the form of holistic tax, accounting, and financial services.

People come to us for our expertise but what we do is all about getting you to where you want to be. We ask the hard questions.

Your financial thumbprint – it’s uniquely you.

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Who We Served

Real Estate Professionals

Investors & Brokers

Medical Professionals

Dentists & Chiropractors

Internet Marketers

Sales Managers & Influencers


Undergraduate & Graduate

Coaches & Consultants

Life, Motivation & Business


Writers & IT

ESL Teachers

U.S. Based & Abroad

Working Professionals

Employees & Independent Contractors

U.S. Expats

International Taxpayers

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We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

People come to us for our expertise but what we do is all about getting you to where you want to be

we have no limits

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You can’t change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction



We help people better understand the numbers without getting bogged down with complexity and jargon.



We work with you to shift mindset, your time and focus on what you value. We care about what you care about.



We unravel your why before we add in work requiring an expertise.

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